Howliday Inn Pet Resort

Address: 4939 E. U.S. 60, Rogersville, MO 65742, just East of John Deere on your Left at J

Gold Paws

Get Monthly Unlimited Daycare

Travel Much? Or Just want your dog to enjoy their time while you are at work?

$375 per month. Unlimited Doggie Daycare, 2 Free Nights of Boarding and 1 Free Bath and Basics!

Package Deals-Punch Cards

10 1/2 day visits for $100

10 Full Day visits for $175

Play Time with Structure

Doggie Daycare supervisors are trained to recognize negative behaviors in dogs. All dogs allowed in doggie daycare must pass temperament test given by Standing OBEYtion trainers. We will not let any dominant behaviors happen in the daycare area. Dogs are separated by size, temperament, and energy. You do not have to worry about other dogs bullying or picking on your dog while staying here. Play time is allowed, but structure is also given.  Dogs must learn to play nice in a social environment with other dogs .Your dog will enjoy the benefit of draining energy and learning basic obedience. After play time, the basics are taught daily by trainers from Standing OBEYtion Dog Training. Dog training covers basic obedience(Sit, down, stay, leave it, and come) but dogs also practice calmness around other dogs, polite manners around humans, and leash control in our indoor play area.

Dog Training, Boarding, Daycare and Grooming



$12 For Half Day

$20 For Full Day

*$3 off for additional fur siblings

$5 Extra for Treadmill Training

$10 Extra for Leash Training

$15 Extra for Exercise Training/Dogstacle Course